EMG Case Study

Publishing powerhouse Empire Media Group signed on to Fabrik in January 2021, deploying it across five sites including high-profile titles: OKMagazine.com and RadarOnline.


More readers, more
engagement, more revenue.

Fabrik Success Story Fabrik Success Story
Audience Growth Audience Growth

Fabrik’s advanced SEO and syndication beat EMG’s total 2020 traffic just 6 months into 2021:

OKMagazine.com experienced a 4x increase in sessions, totaling 41M through May compared to 11M total in 2020.
RadarOnline nearly doubled site sessions from March to May 2021 YoY.
Fabrik Speed Fabrik Speed

EMG’s can’t-miss content combined with Fabrik’s optimized user experiences captured—and held—attention:

OKMagazine.com experienced a 7x increase in page time December 2020 vs June 2021.
RadarOnline got an 11x boost in time on page.
Fabrik Speed Fabrik Speed

Fabrik was designed to better host editorial content and ad experiences, and it showed in dollars:

Kargo’s breakthrough creative delivered 95% higher CPMs YoY.
EMG saw a 185% increase in revenue January 2021 vs. June 2021.

The proof is in Google’s
Lighthouse Scores

Chart of improved Google Lighthouse scores
Chart of improved Google Lighthouse scores
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