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Mobile advertising experts Kargo has announced the launch in Australia & NZ of Fabrik, a proprietary content management system.

Kargo marketing VP Becca Poeta said: “Leading media brands including OK! Magazine, Radar Online and Distractify are currently on the Fabrik platform which is available immediately to other publishers looking for a CMS solution.

“Representing the publications’ owned and operated inventory, Fabrik combines the content and experience elements of a robust CMS with advanced advertising technology to dramatically increase monetisation opportunities for the publishers and provide exclusive ad experiences for advertisers. 

“With audience development at the forefront of Fabrik’s offering, publishers on the platform are able to maximise:

  • Monetisation: Exclusive mobile-first creative and programmatic technology allows publishers to increase CPMs and maximise yield, generating more than 50% increase in revenue per session and improving average site viewability to 85%.
  • Speed: Reducing average visitor load time to 0.07 seconds, the platform optimises speed to market by eliminating the need for plugins—like trackers and third party bidders—streamlining site performance and elevating audience engagement metrics.
  • Organic Growth: Fabrik’s SEO optimisation capabilities allow editors to focus on developing quality content, driving a 50% increase in Google search traffic and resulting in 3x time spent on site.
  • Syndication: With audience development at the forefront of Fabrik’s offering, publishers benefit from the platform’s third party integrations to drive increased traffic to their site.

“Kargo has offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Singapore, and Auckland.”

Distractify Publishing New York’s Kyle Green said: “Having Kargo take on the operational lift allows us to focus on creating premium editorial experiences and creating content that excites our audience.

“With Fabrik, we trust we are delivering the best overall user experience to our readers while reducing our costs and increasing our ROI.”

Empire Media Group NYC chief innovation officer Paul Dousset said: “Fabrik allows us to add the digital capabilities we need to reach our audience online. We appreciate the control and flexibility to amplify the value of our content for both our readers and our advertisers.”

Additional media brands utilising the Fabrik platform include: Market Realist, Green Matters, The Royal Observer, Front Page Detectives and Morning Honey.

Michael Shaughnessy (COO at Kargo and GM of Fabrik) said: “Combining the Fabrik CMS with advertising dramatically increases performance for the premium content publisher while making it much easier for brands to create highly impactful campaigns at scale. We are thrilled to work with these leading media brands, as we share a vision for how modern SaaS technology can drive better experiences for consumers and brands.”

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