How Your CMS Is Killing Your ROI

85% of digital advertising budgets go to Google, Facebook & Amazon, leaving everyone else vying for their share of the remaining 15%. Premium publishers are facing mounting pressure to drive revenue, but before venturing out into podcasts, clothing lines, subscriptions and other alternate revenue streams, it should start with the basic foundation of your publishing platform. Listen in as Michael Shaughnessy, COO, peeks under the hood of today’s CMS platforms and their current limitations, how to evaluate your current tech stack, and the importance of focusing on the consumer experience to build your audience and maximize yield.

Key Takeaways:

  • A simple self-assessment to help you measure your current CMS “health”
  • The benefits of bringing content and monetization under “one roof”
  • Tips for publishers to take back control of their UX

Watch the full webinar below!

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